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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

#RPG Chapter Twenty-Eight: Remember, In Ravenloft No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...

Kevin shows off the golf ball-like d60 he got for Christmas

I have to admit that, at first, everything seemed to be going our way for once as our adventures picked up from the end of the last session, with our band of merry miscreants coming down out of the mountains and heading for Baba Lysaga's walking hut.

Syr Edvard used his "special connection" with the witch to find her exact location, so we could hand over the gem we had retrieved from the elves of the underworld to her.

[Pete called it my "eye-phone" and I can't believe it's taken this long for one of us to think of that joke!]

When we arrived at the chicken-legged cottage it was revealed that Imogen (Meredith's character) and Fenrys (her dire wolf companion) had been 'agents' of Lysaga all along, as they walked past her into the hut.

The Wizard of Wines
Lysaga said Imogen would now be continuing her adventures without us, and we all said we hoped to meet her again.

As agreed we traded the magical elven gem for a near identical one that the witch had filched from the Wizard of Wines

Before we parted, she also extracted her rancid eyeball from Syr Edvard's head and swapped it back with his original, so his normal eyesight - and visage - could gradually return to normal.

After that we traipsed over to the Wizard of Wines, which seemed to be doing great business, and happily handed the magical gem back to the Wizard himself,  Davian Martikov.

After some brief celebrations, we offered to transport a shipment of wine to Krezk, our next destination.

Rufus (Pete's halfling rouge) negotiated the purchase of a bottle of the vineyard's finest vintage to take to our dinner date with Strahd, as well as several crates of drinking wine for the journey.

We retrieved our wagon, which had been in storage with the Wizard of Wine, along with my harpsichord, and headed off to Krezk, where we planned to hand over the wedding dress to The Abbot and see if he could restore our confused skeletal friend, Boney, back to his former human body.

The gatekeepers of Krezk weren't that happy to see us, the whole destruction of the "sacred pool" incident still fresh in their minds.

But offers of gold (from our heavily laden chariot of treasure), and pointing to the barrels of wine on our cart, persuaded them to let us in... where we were met by the surly Burgomaster and our old "friends" Ismark and the two children.

It was around this time that Boney started to twitch violently, getting worse as we approached the abbey. 

So, we decided to leave him outside the town and go and fetch aid for him.

The Abbot's fit new look
Meanwhile, Ragar's cousin, Gundren (who we rescued last time), seemed to be perking up.

When ushered in to see the Abbot, we immediately noticed a big change in him... he now appeared to be, for wont of a better phrase, a rather buff angel!

There was much concern and consternation in the party as to the validity of The Abbot's new divine mien in a place such as Ravenloft.

He made both Dolly and Syr Edvard - who had both experienced a True Death and returned thanks to the dark powers of the region - feel particularly uncomfortable.

The Bride
However, we had a pleasant conversation (including tea and biscuits) and got to meet Vasilka, The Patchwork Bride, again, learning that she is actually to be Strahd's wife (something, perhaps, we should have asked about before).

There were rumblings in the group about questioning her willingness to this union, especially as she and Strahd had never even met, but I felt this was something we should just go along with at the moment.

To the upper class Syr Edvard, it just felt like the Ravenloft equivalent of a traditional wedding amongst the nobility.

The Abbot charged us with escorting The Patchwork Bride to Castle Ravenloft, providing us with a carriage and driver for the journey.

He then, having pulled in his wings and regained his more human appearance, offered to walk with us to the town gates and see what aid he could offer our skeletal friend.

It was then things started to go a bit wrong.

Well, very wrong actually.

As we neared the gates, The Abbot was muttering worriedly to himself, and then suddenly the gates imploded as a rather different looking Boney strode through.

Boney Transformed!

It turns out that that skinless sack of lying shit - who'd taken advantage of our (rare) good nature - was actually some superpowerful lich with an axe to grind with the angelic Abbot.

The Abbot's wings opened up and a massive magical battle ensued, the Abbot only having time to urge us to flee with Vasilka.

Lightning bolts flashed, the town caught on fire, people were running hither and thither screaming and sobbing, as the two powerful creatures clashed.

We made it to our carriage, bundled in Vasilka, Ismark, and the children, and then, with the wagon and chariot behind, fled towards the next town, an assortment of terrified peasants hanging off of our vehicles as their homes burned behind us. 

The next town was, of course, Vallaki, where we're not exactly welcome.

So, we dropped our 'passengers' off at the gates and left them to their own devices.

Now, with Gundren and Vasilka in tow, Syr Edvard and his adventuring party set off on our final journey to the gates of Castle Ravenloft.

Ahead of us lies a dinner date with a vampire lord, the most peculiar wedding of a golem and a member of the undead, and the possibility of a 'battle of the bands' between Syr Edvard's mad harpsichord skills and Strahd's mighty organ playing.

The welcoming gates of Castle Ravenloft

The End of Book One.

The Tuesday Knights:

  • Imogen - Meredith (absent)
  • K'ao - Erica
  • Dolly Spartan - Clare
  • Ragar The Wise & Humble - Kevin
  • Rufus Longhole - Pete
  • Syr Edvard The Bloody of House Dobbin - Me

NB. Our adventures in Ravenloft will resume once the pandemic is past and we can return to face-to-face gaming.

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