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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

#RPG A New World Is Yours For Free...

Dutch RPG publisher Lore Smyth has rereleased its system agnostic Savage Dawn Campaign Setting as a free 48-page PDF download.

Described as a "mystical, primeval world for your players to explore", the setting can easily be used with your fantasy RPG system of choice.

The setting is also supported through its own wiki, which includes a wonderful interactive map.

Christopher 'Mono' Mahon of Lore Smyth said:
"After originally being written under the OGL (Open Game License), our system-neutral Savage Dawn campaign setting is now freely available under the Creative Commons license. The new release comes with an online Wiki to easily access the setting materials.

Now that the core of the campaign setting is available in the Starter Guide, we are gearing up to continually expand this living world. The Creative Commons license encourages expanding, adapting and sharing the work and we welcome aspiring writers to become a contributor.

Its an exciting milestone and we can’t be happier. A word of thanks to all past and current collaborators. Its been a fantastic journey making this thrilling, passion project. Who knows where this goes

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